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Following public consultation, a number of significant changes were made the proposals. An outline planning application is now being prepared for:

  • 46,712 sqm of employment floorspace (down from 60,385 sqm)

  • Maximum height 18m (down from 21m)

  • A four-unit scheme including Pump House Field South

  • Access from A285 and Temple Bar interchange

  • Connections into local public transport, cycling, and pedestrian networks

  • Inward facing service yards and acoustic fencing to mitigate noise

  • New green planting and landscaping

  • New wildlife habitats and biodiversity enhancements

Temple Bar Development plan.png
Boundary landscaping.png

Sustainability and Landscaping

The existing biodiversity value of the site is low because of its agricultural use and confined to the margins of the site.

The proposal would include managed areas of new wildlife habitat with new green planting and wetland creation. Ambitions for wildlife habitats on site to exceed biodiversity net gain requirements.

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